This is the home page of a small technology consultancy house based in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire. We have a broad wealth of knowledge and experience in most aspects of modern technology, specializing in those relating to the Internet and open source software and standards. But also covering areas as diverse as home automation, automobile accessories, home theatre & AV, music production and the convergence of all these technologies.

As is common with many small companies with our areas of expertise, our time and skills are currently in great demand... and as such, this Web site is no reflection of what we can do in this area, we simply have no time for our own stuff. Hopefully we'll find time to correct this issue and very dull Web site soon.

One of the ways you may have found your way to this site is from links on the Open Source and free Web load, stress and performance testing toolset OpenSTAs sites. tcNOW has very close and long term ties with the development of OpenSTA tools and ideas. As this quick site is being produced we are working with others in the OpenSTA community to increase the speed of this toolsets development and improve support options for its use in critical commercial environments. tcNOW sees OpenSTA as a big part of its future and more information will be presented here and on the OpenSTA sites as decisions are firmed up. If you've never heard of OpenSTA then please check out its home site:

If you'd like more information about tcNOW, or you have an interesting and challenging project you think you'd like us to be part of, then we can be contacted at the address below.

PO Box 399
Center Harbor NH 03226-0399